Manage Your Weekly Training Schedule


1-Create an account. * If you already have an account with Mindbody you will need to make a NEW ONE for this site.

2- Reserve your spot for MAXIMUM 3 classes per week. We’re checking – so don’t get cheeky kids. 

3- SHOW UP for your class reservation or be sure to cancel it 12 hours prior to make room for other contenders on the wait list.

4- Every Sunday the schedule will allow you to book for the following week.

5- You ARE allowed to attend the ESB beginner class to make your 3 x a week if the scheduled AFG times do not work. However, you will be asked to pay the $15 drop in fee as this session is outside of the regular AFG training schedule.
6- You are NOT allowed to show up at the 5-7pm Mon-Friday FIGHTER training as this is reserved for members and ESB fighters. However, you can come to open training times, which are Monday – Friday 1:30-3:30pm, for self directed work.
You can also attend the BEGINNER classes at ESB but again, you will be required to pay the $15 drop in fee so that you are not taking up space for gym members without contributing to the operating costs of the gym itself.
If you have problems with Mindbody booking ONLY email, for any other questions reach out to


Thank You!
Your almost done.