Eastside Boxing Club

238 Keefer St, Vancouver BC, Canada.

Eastside Boxing Club welcomes women and men of all ages and all levels. We offer boxing training to both groups and individuals, as well as accompanying general health and wellness programming. Our passion lies in developing discipline, community and athleticism through the sport of boxing.  As the central hub for all training and programming under the Aprons For Gloves banner, we offer both paid memberships for individuals and community outreach programs for at-risk youth and women.



Eastside Boxing Club (ESB) is a not-for-profit gym located in the heart of Chinatown in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that trains pro, amateur and recreational boxers. Dave Schuck founded the gym in 2012 after the closure of the Astoria Boxing Club where he was the head coach.

In the beginning, ESB was faced with the financial struggles of finding a new space, purchasing equipment and having the capital to run a successful community gym. From this hardship, the Aprons for Gloves Boxing Association (AFGBA) created the fundraising event, Restaurant Rumble – an annual fundraising event to help support ESB and their community initiatives.

Two successful years of Restaurant Rumble allowed for the opening of a new gym above the Woodland Smoke House in Spring 2013. In November of that year the gym suffered a fire that would devastate the building and once again leave ESB without a space to continue the involvement they built in the community.

From the ashes in 2014, the AFGBA & ESB communities held their most successful fundraising event to date and secured a new space in Chinatown. The set backs only tested the strength of those connected and further inspired those around them.

Working with several NPO in Downtown Vancouver, ESB is committed to continuing to facilitate free exercise programs for at risk youth and women that have been exposed to violence. Believing that everyone deserves accessibility to exercise, the ESB mission is to be an inclusive community focused gym that delivers high quality boxing training.


David Schuck

Head Coach

Dave started boxing competitively in 1986 and has been coaching teams of amateur and professional boxers for over ten years. He established a boxing gym in Washington, as well as volunteered his expertise and time at the Action Boxing Club, the North Burnaby Boxing Club and the Astoria Fraser Arms Boxing Club. In 2004, he began working with sports teams and personal clients to improve their conditioning and fitness levels. Since leading the Astoria Boxing Club, Dave has successfully taken the Club to its best record in over fifteen years. His certificates include: Level 3 USA Boxing Certificate, Level 2 Canadian Amateur Boxing Association Certificate and his Professional Boxing Coach Certificate.

Brian Grant


Brian Grant began boxing at age 18 at MainStreet gym in Vancouver. He quickly fell in love with the sport after watching the greats compete - Oscar de La Hoya, Lennox Lewis, Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins. Five years ago, he met Dave Schuck with EastSide Boxing and began to mentor under him as a trainer and coach. Soon after, Aprons for Gloves was founded and Brian fought in the first event. He has been involved as a trainer/coach ever since. Boxing has been a positive influence in Brian's life and he sees great benefits for all the contenders that participate in AFG and Restaurant Rumble. "I think that a place where people have the opportunity to learn about themselves and face their fears is good for the fabric of our society - If we help one person the way Boxing has helped me in my life, I think we have changed someone’s world in a positive way.”

Jordan Bowers

Coach + Personal Trainer

Before Jordan ever set foot in a gym, he was already captivated by boxing but it wasn’t until Jordan’s early 20’s that he finally got the chance to join a gym. “I remember feeling totally out of place, being in horrible shape and feeling like I was invisible”. As an athlete and competitor, Jordan credits the coaches he’s had, not only for his success but for his love of boxing and dedication to fitness. He is an ACE certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and has been an assistant coach with Eastside Boxing since its inception. He has volunteered through the Elizabeth Fry Society as a recreation volunteer with youth at the Burnaby Youth Custody Center. “The hardest part of anyone’s training is showing up. Once you’ve made it to the gym you’ve overcome the biggest obstacle.” Providing an environment where people of all ages and walks of life can realize their potential is Jordan’s primary goal at Eastside Boxing. Jordan also currently co-owns a branded fitness business called All-City Athletics with fellow coach Anna Banana.

Anna Farrant

Coach + Personal Trainer

Anna “Banana” has been boxing for 7 years. Her love of boxing began in part as a way to relieve stress from her work at Insight, a drop in center on the DTES of Vancouver. Her work within the community is constant with her background in Community Economic Development. Anna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Eastside Boxing. She has been a key player in brokering community relations, facilitating our mission to the public and incorporating sustainable values into the club. As an ACE certified trainer and active boxer, she advocates the need for exercise and physical activity but also understands the many barriers people face trying to incorporate it into their lives. Anna believes exercise is a fundamental part of being healthy, both mentally and physically. Anna also currently co-owns a branded fitness business called All-City Athletics with fellow coach Jordan Bowers.

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